Ranzel is a community-driven GPS livestream/ video app, which is free to download and use. (Think Waze, but for your life) 

    Watch and create livestreams/ videos and share with others what’s going on around them.

    Share Live Music, Parties, Protests, Shops, Food Trucks, Restaurants, Traffic, Weather, and more. 

    Invite or go to locations through our in app step-by-step directions. Always know what going on and how to get there. 

    How to Use


    Share moments with your friends and the world. Then invite them to join.


    Check out what happening around the corner and around the world. And go!

    "High Traffic Icons" TM

    High Traffic Icons let you share and search exactly what you want. 


    Let em'  know where the parties at and how LIT its getting.


    Let them hear your voice and join in the cause. Show where you're at and what you're protesting. BE HEARD!


    Playing a live venue? Stream it and let people see where and what you're playing so they can come.

    Night Life

    Never show up to a dead spot again. See what's going on before you get there.


    Share anything from street performers, festivals, celebrities, and whatever else you can think of. 

    Bakery & Coffee

    New brew? Share with the world. 

    Countdown Clock

    Let your followers know when you are going live.

    Shopping & Restaurants

    Promote what you sell and convert that local foot traffic into a sale. 

    Food Trucks

    Show where you're at, what you serve, and how to get there. 



    Home Feed

    • Home feed allows you to see who is live-streaming near you
    • See how close it is happening 
    • And getting directions to the location



    • Maps allows you to see whats happening around the world or around the corner
    • Narrow your searches 
    • View the topics you want to see
    • See where friends are streaming
    • Check out interesting things happening near you


    Get Directions

    • See something interesting 
    • Roll down the menu
    • Get directions to that location



    Our "High Traffic Icons" are icons that you can use on a daily basis. See who's playing music in the park, what food trucks are around, what shops, bars, and  restaurants have to offer, and much more....


    Livestream Settings (step 1)

    • Choose your settings 
    • Decide who can come to your location


    Livestream Settings (step 2)

    • Describe what you are streaming with a "High Traffic Icon" or by  a #
    • Choose an icon and it will appear on the map



    • Let others know your interests
    • Set a timer to let others know when you are going live


    ranzel An impulsive decision to do something completely random.

    "Dude lets ditch school' and go on a ranzel for coffee and donuts... I could also use some new pants"

    #spontaneous#shopping spree#random#impulsive#yolo

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